Airpark to Celebrate 50 Years on October 9, 2010

Airpark to Celebrate 50 Years on October 9, 2010

Montgomery County Revenue Authority Celebrates Earth Day with Increased Initiatives to Improve Environmental Footprint at its Golf Courses
Expanded Use of Organic Fertilizer, Soil Conservation Gains and Partnership with Audubon International Part of MCRA Green Commitment

In recognition of Earth Day 2009, the Montgomery County Revenue Authority (MCRA) renewed its commitment to improving the environmental footprint of all MCRA golf courses. As part of that effort, MCRA has partnered with Perdue AgriRecycle to treat its courses with an organic pasteurized poultry litter fertilizer, which helps to reduce the MCRA’s environmental impact, yet also improves the playing surfaces in a more natural way.

The environmental benefits of the product include slow nutrient release from natural microbial breakdown, no foliar burn potential after application, and the availability of ten of the thirteen nutrients required by turfgrass for improved plant cell structure and vigor. Achieving a healthier balance of soil nutrition ultimately allows for the reduction of pesticide applications because the grass can withstand the attacks of disease pathogens and insects.

In addition to using organic fertilizer, the MCRA, as part of its environmentally friendly initiatives, is working with a soil consultant to help establish the proper nutritional levels for the primary playing areas and to minimize the amount of fertilizer needed. Additionally, the irrigation water used at MCRA courses is regularly tested to ensure healthy levels of nutrients and chemicals.

“The MCRA is proud of its commitment to improving the environmental footprint of our golf courses and taking a leading position in the promotion earth-friendly initiatives for the industry,” said Jon Lobenstine, MCRA Director of Agronomy. “Switching to an organic fertilizer and working with a soil consultant enables us to achieve a healthier and better playing surface all while reducing our impact on the environment. By achieving the optimum balance of soil nutrition, the turf grass will be able to better withstand the attacks from weeds and pathogens and is able to recuperate more rapidly from the stress caused by golfers or temperature extremes.”

The MCRA has also been an active partner with Audubon International in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary program. The award-winning program works with golf course management to protect the environment while preserving the natural heritage of the game of golf. Once a golf course successfully completes the program, the course is honored with an Audubon Certified Cooperative Sanctuary certification. The MCRA’s Little Bennett Golf Course completed its certification several years ago and is one of only 12 golf courses in the state to have that distinction. All other MCRA courses are now taking part in the multi-year Audubon certification process.

“Our partnership with Audubon International is another example of our focus on providing not only a superior golf experience for the citizens of Montgomery County but also one that is earth-friendly,” added Mr. Lobenstine. “Little Bennett stands out as one of Maryland’s premier eco-oriented golf courses and we look forward to achieving similar recognition for our other facilities.”

Emily Delauter is Named Tournament & Event Coordinator
Wayne Rohauer, Director of Golf Operations, announced the appointment of Emily Delauter as the Tournament & Event Coordinator for Montgomery County Revenue Authority. This position will enable us to place a main focus on golf outing business by giving dedicated personal attention to each client. Ms. Delauter graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in Mass Communications and has several years of experience in event planning and execution.

Rohauer said, “Emily will bring a much needed element into our operation, which will have an immediate impact on business growth and customer service.”

Emily was most recently with Hollow Creek Country Club in Middletown, MD as an Event Coordinator. She was responsible for all events including golf outings, weddings, and meetings.

Ms. Delauter says, “I am excited about joining MCRA and I look forward to working with the golf outing organizers in the community to aid them in reaching the goals of their organizations.”